Areas Of Activity

Yarshell e Camargo
The firm offers legal advice and assistance in dispute resolution, as well as in judicial and arbitration proceedings, agreements, obligations in general, civil liability for material and moral damages, lease, copyright, insurance and others.

It also provides services in the areas of collective actions, banking and property law, as well as in all the matters related to the protection of consumers’ rights and environmental legislation.

In the area of civil procedural law, the firm is particularly active towards civil litigation, in the state and in the federal courts, as well as in the Superior Courts in Brasília. The office also offers legal advice and the issuance of legal opinions.

The firm’s dispute resolution team litigates before arbitration courts, and that includes the implementation of judicial measures to enforce international decisions issued by arbitration chambers.

The firm offers specialized services concerning advisory assistance and litigation proceedings in the field of ​​family and succession law, as well as estate and succession planning of individuals and legal entities.
As far as labor law is concerned, the firm provides consulting services and litigation assistance both for individual and collective actions. In consultancy, the firm offers exclusive services in labor-related audits: assistance to draw up individual employment contracts, internal policies of compensation and benefits, legal assistance for the implementation or revision of procedures concerning occupational safety and health, support with collective bargaining before the Labor and Employment Department and the unions, issuance of legal advice and legal opinions.

In the litigation area, the firm acts in the defense of individuals’ and legal entities’ interests in labor lawsuits, employment termination lawsuits, injunctions, provisional remedies, collective bargaining, and administrative proceedings at the Labor and Employment Department and the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

The firm offers legal advice and assistance in dispute resolution, in legal defenses and in administrative and judicial appeals involving public bids, concession of public services, administrative agreements, economic law (CADE) and regulatory agencies. It offers corporate and individual assistance for consultancy and litigation concerning social security law.
The firm offers legal advice and assistance in dispute resolution, as well as in judicial and arbitration proceedings, agreements in general, corporations, incorporations, split-ups, mergers, business transformation, dissolution and liquidation of companies, purchase and sale of  stockholdings, assets and establishment of commercial and industrial corporations, due diligence, corporate planning and restructuring, participation in shareholders’ meetings and in corporate management meetings to represent and defend the clients’ interests. Furthermore, the issues involving trademarks, industrial property, unfair competition, abuse of economic power, dumping and other unfair trade practices, as well as bankruptcy and judicial reorganization proceedings are also part of the list of services offered by the firm. The client will also be offered consulting services in the area of corporate business in general.